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Will News in the Future have Values?

Journalism has always struggled with biases, but will objectivity be a value for the future of news? As I was reading through the description of citizen journalists as a key factor of the future of news in the  first chapter of The Future of News: An Agenda of Perspectives, by Maxwell E. McCombs, Amber Willard Hinsley, Kelly Kaufhold, and Seth C. Lewis, I kept coming back to this value. Journalists, at least theoretically, are thought to strive for objectivity, but can news that is strongly influenced by the consumer maintain this value? While it is impossible to know, I predict that future news consumers will be gathering their news from more sources than they are now, but that these sources will provide less objective news. I am not alone in this thinking: In an interview with PBS, Jeffrey Brown predicted an “erosion of core values” in the news industry, including the value of objectivity. This trend can already be seen in the reporting coming from those who are also serving as doctors in Haiti as reported in the blog The Future of News.

I just came across this blog post by Wayne MacPhail at the Media Recruitment blog. Basically talks about the same thing I wrote above. If you’re interested in reading more about it, check it out here.

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