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The Future of News

I’ve always found it interesting when I read the many views of the declining future of news. Most of the time, it is said that traditional news is fading due to the rapid increase in technological changes and how people retrieve their news. I have yet to believe that the future of news is dim, not because I am a journalism student, but because the statistics show that news is still alive. Even if it has declined over previous decades, television news and newspapers are still what the public wants. Though there are newer, technologically advanced ways to retrieve and contribute to news as stated in The Future of News: An Agenda of Perspectives– internet, video blogs, etc- traditional news remains steady. Certain advances, especially things such as social media, seem to lead to the complete demise of previous popular ones. For example, at one point Bebo and MySpace were extremely popular social media sites, that is until Facebook opened it’s door to people all over the world. Now Bebo and MySpace are like memories of what “used to be”. But with news, advances have only made it more interesting. People have not strayed away from news until it is nothing more than a memory.¬† News will just have to continue with their traditional forms of distribution, while emerging into the newer ways of the digital era- social being an important channel.

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