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The Future for Journalism is Bright

I think that the change in how people are acquiring their news today is a positive one. As technology advances, the news becomes more accessible and quicker to find. This is nothing new to us though. Fear of losing the news has happened with every new advancement of technology after the printing press. With all of the new technological advancements like smart phones, iPads, ebooks, etc., the future of the news is in for a change. Mark Glasser explains ten reasons as to why this change is a positive one.

Based on what I have read about the future of journalism, I think that change we are experiencing is for the better. I think that in the future all news will be digital and will be acquired from online media. Before people were limited to what news they were getting, now when people get their news from online the possibilities of what they want to know are endless. As far as broadcasting the news goes, I think that eventually everything will be available to view online. With everything being available online, their will be a bigger opportunity for jobs. The web is a huge place which can be accessed from basically anywhere with a numerous amount of devices like smart phones, computers, etc. Because of this I think that journalists will have a better opportunity to write for multiple sources instead of just one newspaper. Even though the future of journalism does have it downsides, like the possible end to print news for example, the track that it’s on looks to be a positive one to me.

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