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The Media Evolution

Today the news is transforming in warp speed, with information so available and accessible, the research of The States of the News Media shows us that readers no longer goes to news organization for news, we hunt the news through multiple outlets.

As Maxwell McCombs has pointed out in The Future of News: An Agenda of Perspectives, medium is merely a distribution system, it does not matter whether it is through TV, newspaper or internet, it is the content, usefulness and convenience people value most. Therefore, the birth of new technologies (e.g. Iphone), which allow readers to access the latest news or upload first-handed materials ubiquitously, quickly replace the printed medias as our main sources of news and entertainment. It also signifies the era of user-generated  materials, where bloggers, youtubers and citizen journalists thrives in creating new contents.

To survive in of these explosions of contents, Steve Rosenbaum suggested that media must adopt a new model of communication; instead of aiming at a mass audience, they shall aim at niche audiences by creating quality contents that has depth and breadth.

Like the evolution in nature, only the medias that can adapt to changes and improve themselves will survive.  But worry not, the future of media will simply be better. It will provide more diverse, detailed and objective information.

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