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The revival of the news industry

The biggest problem facing the news industry is that their product is everywhere and it is not properly regulated. News is the business of the industry, it is that simple. If gas companies had a platform were gas could be easily distributed for free then the same decline would happen that we have seen with the news industry. News is not dead, it is transforming and in the few years it will reach a point of revival.

This change will start with The New York Times as they are considered by many to be the flagship of the newspaper business. This year, the Times decided to charge for some of their online content and they have been a pioneer with updating their site with video and other multimedia content. I think that more newspapers will decide to hold out content and charge for more access to their websites. This would allow them to control their product and make more of a profit off of it.  With the internet, the news was distributed across the world for free and now the news industry will have to play catch up to control their products distribution.

Newspapers and stations will still use their ethical standards, but they will increase the amount of viewers and readrs that will be involved with their coverage. Fox 2 News in St. Louis is an example of a news source that encourages its readers to submit photos and other information on what they see. Having this sort of involvement engages the readers and it allows them to get involved with the journalistic process. I think more of this involvement with the news will help news sources become more popular with their communities.  This has already been started, but I am predicting it will increase in the future.

I think in the next five years, more newspapers will transition to telling more stories on multiplatforms. CNN is one news agency that has had success in this area.  This news source is able to peak the interest of their readers and viewers allowing them to tell their stories in an effective manner.  I believe this will be the way of the future is to have news told in a variety of ways.

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