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The Future of News and Journalism

“The decline in printed newspaper readership and the trend towards news consumption on mobile devices has taken a new turn with the launch of the iPad-only newspaper The Daily.” http://tinyurl.com/4gyvf8t

While I doubt that news exclusive to one devise is the future of news, the trends, especially for younger generations, is to get the news through an electronic device. I don’t believe print news is going away (at least anytime soon), but I do predict that the future of news will consist primarily on external devices.

News will become more corporate dominated.

With the merger of NBC and Comcast, many are predicting that future news organizations will rely on corporate sponsorship. Susan Crawford, a Cardozo Law School professor who is writing a book about the NBC-Comcast merger says that, “”It may be (that) the future of news is not ad-driven, that it really is a nonprofit business if anybody is going to do investigative reporting” (http://tinyurl.com/4ssnykx). Others believe this may be good for Journalism as it will provide revenue for objective journalists as well as provide credibility for the sponsoring corporation (http://tinyurl.com/4v8zceh)

Corporate Journalists?

As news services are downsizing, many journalists are finding themselves without work. However, as corporations are becoming increasingly more active in new media and consumers are demanding more content from corporations, it might be a good time for corporations to hire journalists. I predict in the future that more journalists will be producing content not for news organizations, but for private corporations. http://tinyurl.com/2uwp8mb

Specialized News

With the increased popularity of smartphones, tablets, and apps, especially for reading news, I believe that news organizations are going to move toward specialized news. People can easily filter through news to find the content they are interested in, and I believe organizations that have a clear specialization will likely capitalize on those markets (http://tinyurl.com/474u9oq).

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