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Free Online News for Everyone?

EXTRA! EXTRA! READ ALL ABOUT IT! (Online and for a price)

So, the New York Times think they can charge for their online news? Well, it sounds like a bad idea to me. Newspapers with an online supplement may start to charge for their online content to try make some money on that platform, like what Hulu is doing with Hulu Plus. I think if the newspapers can make the online content worth while it might work, however, if they can’t do that, they will drop charging online customers and may do what the St. Louis Post-Dispatch is doing with their website.

If they make new platforms, they (journalists) will come.

With the release of new technology, it’s apparent that journalists have to adapt and move to those platforms quickly, as we have seen with the internet and mobile phones. Recently, Apple released the iPad, a tablet computer. With News Corp. launching an iPad only app, the news is going to move to these newer platforms quicker and in large strides.

The Social Media Empire

As society places more importance on social media, like Facebook and Twitter, those social networking sites are going to play a bigger role in news reporting, especially with startup news outlets. After all, CNN has its own Facebook page with news updates.

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