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Ipads, kindles, kobos….oh my!

In the next ten to five years, I believe that newspapers will become hugely obsolete.  However, people still want to know the news.  In order to continue to make a profit from the news, people need to charged for the services journalists provide or advertisements must play a more dominant role on provided news websites.

Another possibility is online subscriptions can be taken out for Ipads and kindles.  Ipads are the future of text, so the industry needs to harness this fad of carrying around a virtual book.  People’s interest in magazines have not declined, it’s easier to find the information they are looking for online on their time.  With an Ipad they have what they want when they want.  Also it wouldn’t feel like something that was free is being taken away, because you have to pay for all the content on your Ipad.

Also, I think that blogs will also be a thing of the past.  I feel that there are far more blog writers than there are blog readers.  With the lack of readers the popularity of blogging will decline.  The information on blogs is mostly opinion based and the information isn’t reliable.  With so much free information on the web from credible sources the blog has no chance to survive.



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