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Online Writing: as simple as ABC

Follow these 5 simple rules, and you will become a kick-ass online journalist in no time!


Write with online readers’ needs and habits in mind.

  • –          Put the most important information at the beginning of headlines and paragraphs for readers’ convenience.
  • –          Use common words over difficult ones.
  • –          Emphasize important points with boldface types, highlights and other visual cues.
  • –          Use lively tone and interactivity to keep readers engaged.
  • –       Support your story with audios, videos, clickable graphics and links.

Break it

Break up bulky contents to make reading online easier.

Use the following tricks to make it easy to read.

  • –          subheads,
  • –          bullet list,
  • –          charts
  • –          tables
  • –          interactive graphics


Keep sentences and paragraphs short and concise.

  • –          One idea per paragraph.
  • –          Use strong verbs and sharp nouns.


  • – Straight to the point.
  • – Make the lead apparent
  • – Eliminate fluff and simplify complex idea.


  • – Put the most important words—titles, headlines, subheading and links—up front.
  • – Write information-rich copy
  • – Use words that people use in researches for search engine optimization.
  • – Sites that are apply SEO are more likely to appear at the top of searches and more likely to get visitors.


  • – The internet has no rules. Just go and challenge the norm
  • – while maintaining the fundamentals of journalism is still important
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